Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Happy Thoughts" and "My Way to Heaven"

Nimia Gamo, Jobert Abiva, and Lovely Abiva took turns in writing the lines of the following poems (November 18, 2009; Wednesday); venue: Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, QC, Philippines

Legend for the lines:

Purple color – written by Nimia Gamo (

Blue color – written by Jobert Abiva (

Pink color – written by Lovely Abiva (

“Happy Thoughts” (by Nimia, Jobert & Lovely of “Living Poets Society”)

The sunrise in the horizon

The sun about to set down from the sky

Beauty is so much revealed

Am awed with wonder that makes me sigh

Lovely roses, happy sunflowers

Dreaming of peace and happiness

The birds, the trees, the scent of fresh air

Bring so much joy deep within

Thank You Lord for giving us eyes to see

For beautiful Earth, for loving families, and a caring Humanity

For these and more, no words of gratitude suffice

We are nothing without You Lord

Creations so many that all of us must be thankful for

Fellow creatures so great and wonderful

Many things so small and big

How life has become so exciting!

As far as the eyes can see, there is splendour around me

Life is full of challenges as it seems

But surprises await those who see with the heart

And serenity to those who dwell on happy thoughts


“My Way to Heaven” (by Nimia, Jobert & Lovely of “Living Poets Society”)

What is Heaven? But found in the heart

Deeds of love, words of comfort

Thanksgiving we must also share

We must all do our part

I seek my Lord and I see Him in my fellowman

As I follow Your commandments

Uplifting the life of all becomes our cause for living

Reaching out to each and everyone

I am not afraid Lord, You are near

Because I already see You in all our acts of charity

Having faith in You makes me strong

With You I don’t have any fear

The hope You gave, is the hope we give

Your kindness we are bound to spread

With Mama Mary also we are at peace

Because in You Lord Jesus we believe

So, where is the way to Heaven? The answer is many

How can we ever thank You Lord?

For countless people to love, until future generations to come

With Your heart we cannot but love all Humanity

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