Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Love Eternal"

Where would my heart go?
To the Lord does my heart flow
How do I live?
In God’s Love that I believe

With God nothing is impossible
I am His beloved child
With kindness that everyone is able
The Love of God so gentle and mild

With what do I compare the love of the Lord?
But countless families nourished with kindness
In Jesus’ love I am always ready to confess
For He is ever willing to welcome in forgiveness

In generations to come that God’s Love is forever
His love I am forever grateful
For He sees the beauty in me
Blessing us with wisdom to be free

Thank You for all Your blessings
Praise You Lord, for Your Providence
Eternally shall our heart sing
I will worship You with all my being

*poetry written by Nimia Gamo (purple lines), Jobert Abiva (blue lines) and Lovely Abiva (pink lines)

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