Thursday, November 26, 2009


“Wonderful” (by Nimia, Jobert, Lovely & Julio; November 25, 2009 Wednesday; Greenbelt5, Makati City)

The first taste of sunlight to my eyes

How beautiful God’s creations might be

The great beauty of the world

The glory of nature brings so much delight to me

In the vastness of the universe with all the stars, planets and galaxies

I will never be lost without You

There is too much to discover

There is a lot to see – up in the sky, down to the sea

Because amidst all the creations there is – I have found you

Thank you for loving me as I am

You are truly the air I breathe

You give meaning to my life

A love that is like sunshine, enlightening my heart and mind

A love that is full of happiness and joy

A love that opens up my heart

A love that is all encompassing

May happiness be always with you, wherever you may be

May Our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all

I have learned so much from you

I am a better person because of you

*poetry written by Nimia Gamo (purple lines), Jobert Abiva (blue lines), Lovely Abiva (pink lines) and Julio Singson (green lines); they took turns in writing line by line

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