Friday, May 21, 2010

New Love

You came into my life when I was still hurting
Searching and believing that true love is out there
I am eager to discover if you are really the one
Opening my soul for the heart that could share

You and I, we have much in common
The joy that is the sunshine of our day
The laughter we share brings happy moments
Our beautiful love has so many things to say

I treasure each second that I am with you
A loving comfort that brings much affection to me
When we are apart, I feel an emptiness inside
But when we are together, then I feel so free

I am a better person because of you
You have encouraged me to be the best of who I can be
With you in my life, I am glad to be me
For you have taught me how to be true

I wonder, will this new love of ours last?
Because I pray that we shall always be together
I feel so blessed to have found you
A new love that has begun hoping this will last forever

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