Wednesday, July 14, 2010

“I Wish”

Everywhere I have searched
For a friend like you
Amongst many places and many people
It was you I found to be true

Amidst all the sadness and fears
You were there to comfort me
Happiness I have gladly found
With you, I am truly free

I am sorry if at times I wasn’t there
But you understood why
You accepted me and helped me grow
And that is how I get by

I feel happier when I’m with you
In my heart there is so much peace
From loneliness to a companionship we need
From worries, a welcome release

I wish you all the happiness this life could give
May you find fulfilment and success
Hoping that my loving prayers be answered
So here’s wishing you the very best

*poetry by Nimia Gamo (purple lines) and Jobert Abiva (blue lines)